POD Chocolate Experiences Launches

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Welcome to my website which has now finally launched amid champagne bottle-smashing and great fanfare! My quest with offering these chocolate experiences is to enable people to fully appreciate chocolate. That does not mean binge-feasting on kilos of mass-produced imposters, no names mentioned here!

My ethos is to try and re-educate in a fun and informative way and to encourage appreciation of the beauty of real chocolate. Who knows where chocolate comes from? The clue is in the title – POD, hence my company name. The cocoa beans are wrapped in a fruit and encased in a colourful pod known to us chocolatiers as a cocoa-pod.

It is a passion of mine to show how to savour chocolate so that everyone can experience good quality chocolate. This can mean re-learning what to expect with chocolate – most of us have been brought up to eat chocolate with little or no cocoa content and laden with sugar – eek! So now is the opportunity to change all of that.

Booking these experiences is a great way to get messy with chocolate and they will be so much fun, for adults and children alike. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you visiting my site.

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